Some of the highlights from Patek Philippe’s new grand exhibition not to be missed

The newPatek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition, which we wrote about here, has a host of regal “salons” that Patek Philippe have taken the time to have installed within theSaatchi Galleryearlier this week. So what’s been the standout areas for many watch lovers who have had the good fortune to view this amazing exhibit for themselves?

A Patek Philippe logo. Makers of antique watches for sale like this in Pieces of Time, London.

The current exhibition gracefully re-imagines the Great Exhibition of 1851 in the Crystal Palace at Hyde Park. It features timepieces once possessed by European royal families and rarities from the house’s own vaults.

A Royal Room features more than 15 movements once owned by the great nobility of Europe, the Rare Handcrafts Artisan’s Room, where Patek Philippe’s engravers, gem setters, and enamel painters showcase their magnificent handcrafted talent. And not forgetting the Binocular Technical Room, where visitors can watch the movements and mechanisms up close. This exhibition truly is an experience that you’re almost certainly never going to experience anywhere other than in the closed-off world of Geneva fine watchmaking.

Of course, there are certain hallmark moments in the house’s rich history that get exclusive attention, with specific sections dedicated solely to the Patek Philippe’s most lavishly complicated timepieces. And you can even partake in a live video stream of Lake Geneva and a room that pays homage to the pieces created for the 175th anniversary last year.

If you get the chance, don’t just take our word, head to the King’s Road, go and indulge, learn, marvel, and satisfy yourself in this incomparable horological experience or antique watches.

Image:Ihor-docenkounderCreative Commons.