Safeguarding your vintage watch: a series for the enthusiast

It’s been a while wince we put together a series for our readers so we thought we’d come up with something insightful and useful for watch readers, lovers, and collectors alike. So here it is, a 5 part series on safeguarding your vintage watch.

Decorative Gold Full Hunter Antique Pocket Watch

No matter their origin the watch, whether pocket or wrist, can hold immense worth and sentiment to its owner. If one adheres to suitable maintenance, the prized watch can last many a lifetime as a result. By sticking to straightforward rules, you can get your everyday, or, perhaps you waning heirloom, up to its top potential.

Follow these guidelines to maintain your watch to mint condition for as long as you own it until the moment you pass it on to the next adoring owner.

Part 1: Keeping it clean

By keeping your timepiece dirt free on the outside you are lessening the unintended occurrence that you may collect dust and general dirt on the inside. Take the time to intermittently wipe off your watch to remove moisture, dirt, dust, and perspiration. In doing this you will sustain the appearance of the watch and add to the preservation of your movement.

For the cleaning of non-water resistant watches, as many antique pocket watches for sale you will come across are, you should avoid exposure to any moisture. If you have a wrist watch then ensure you remove it during exercise in order to avoid it coming into contact with sweat. Merely wipe the watch with a dry soft cloth. If your movement has a water-resistant feature to it you should use a soft damp cloth in which to clean the head of the watch. Follow this up by wiping off the watch with a dry soft cloth. Metal bracelets can be cleaned by using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be careful not to use anything harsher on your watch as it could leave permanent scratches.

Stay tuned for the part 2 in our series, coming soon!