Prepare to be amazed by Seiko ‘Art of Time’ video

Watchmaking corporation Seiko has created an installation built from timepiece parts named ‘Art of Time’. The entire journey has been filmed and the results are astonishing.

This incredible device inspired by the childhood game, mousetrap, is a jungle of watchmaking tools, rolling rubies, and an array of components from pocket watches and other timepieces. The finished piece almost looks like a tiny mechanical town, complete with town inhabitant figures.

This intricate contraption consists of around 1,200 parts and reportedly took over a year to make. The entire project was filmed from start to finish, with over 70 hours of video recorded to create the final cut.

The concept idea came from the Seiko Corporation Group’s slogan, “Seiko. Moving ahead. Touching hearts.”. You can certainly see the reflection of this within the short film.

The rolling red rubies take a journey down a winding and magnificent path to complete a seemingly simple task, but in the most beautiful way possible. Within the video, you see an animated beating heart, powered by the rubies

The video concludes with the contraption lifting a glass dome to uncover a balance wheel, which is then installed into a watch by a Seiko Technician. As the camera then zooms out, an image that the tiny town creates is revealed, a lit up pair of clock hands amongst a black background.

Watch the ‘Art of Time’ video below:

Video and screenshot: Seiko Website Seiko Channel/YouTube