Pocket watches are the piece de resistance in style say fashion analysts

You can brush aside the arrival of Apple’s iWatch, the real fashion lies in the resurgence of the classic and seemingly everlasting pocket watch. Dig out your grandfather’s antique pocket watches because the new trend is not with the forthcoming technology, instead people are looking to the past to add the element of style.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

The pre-wristwatch timepiece holds a distinguished history dating back at least four centuries, but the accessory to many an outfit is making a strong comeback, according to trend spotters and jewellery industry analysts.

You can include celebrities and fashion icons such asJohnny Deppand Justin Timberlake to the list of people are donning pocket watches, which surely indicts the significance and strength of these fashion reports.

There may well be an iWatch coming to stores near you soon but among the fashionable set, the hottest timepieces are the ones your grandfather owned.

For a while people were swaying towards mobile phones and computer screens instead of watches to inform them of the time, but this is thankfully now not so much the case. While people still do use these options for information luxury names successfully marketing watches as design showpieces causing sales to start climbing.

Another key factor to the pocket watch resurgence is the retro-hipster chic. The embracing and appreciation of all things vintage that has allowed the pocket watch to become a natural extension of that trend.

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.