Pocket Watches are back in fashion and vintage is the option you should consider

Back in the 19th century, the pocket watch was most certainly considered as a status symbol, with only the wealthiest members of society being able to afford one. With the arrival of the wristwatch after World War I, it sadly became unfashionable to carry a movement in your vest pocket. However, recent times have seen the pocket watch enjoy a resurgence, as we have previously reported, they have re-entered the aristocrat’s dressing room, and not just there- vintage watches are high on everyone who is anyone’s list of items they need in their collection.

Swiss Centre Seconds Deck Watch by Longines Antique Marine Watches

With this in mind, why not enjoy a day out gaining knowledge and learning about watches and clocks at exciting clock and watch fairs, or come and visit those who are in the know and prepared to offer you invaluable advice from our many years of experience in this field?

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So if you are looking to keep up with the recurring trend of men’s vintage watches in pocket watch form then it’s time you stepped up your efforts to possess the finest movement you possibly can.