Pocket Watch Guide: What is your antique pocket watch worth?

Part 2 of our insightful guide that looks at some of the key aspects that are considered when ascertaining a valuation for antique pocket watches. In this article we will be discussing what relevance the materials, appearance, authenticity and originality play when giving valuation of a time piece.

Decorative Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch- Antique Pocket Watches


Is the case of the watch in question made from solid gold, or gold-plated or perhaps made from another material? With high gold prices which exist in today’s market, a solid gold case can add significant value to a watch.

Numerous high-quality watches were built with gold jewel-settings, gold-plated train wheels, or for other uses of these precious metals in the movement itself. Being able to recognise where these materials were used allows for greater accuracy in the assessment of value.


An antique watch and its aesthetics or visual appeal can have a great deal to do with the watch’s value. A watch that displays sparkling blue hands on a clean, un-chipped white enamel dial provide the watch with that classic look of class and craftsmanship that most collectors should really value. Other aspects to consider range from- is the case straight and attractively engraved? Does the watch movement have an interesting damaskeening pattern, a two-tone movement, or any other particularly appealing visual assets? Does the watch’s dial offer an eye-catching or unusual dial? Sometimes simply owning a watch that has a unique or fascinating dial (especially when in superb condition) can greatly escalate the value of the watch.

Authenticity and Originality:

Any collector will value a pocket watch that is in all-original condition. If the watch is in its original condition from the point it was made, it will command a greater price than one which has a lesser degree of originality. Things that would be looked for in to gain knowledge on the authenticity and originality would be deciphering if the hands are of the same style, making sure one hasn’t been replaced with another style. Extra screw marks on the case rim are another area to look for as this would indicate that the case may not be the original to the watch.

Authenticity should come into consideration, examples of counterfeiting in American pocket watches are scarcely seen but some European makers who are held in high regard are sometimes emulated, so this is something that you should consider with early European movements.