Pieces of Time add rare movements to their catalogue of notable timepieces

At Pieces of Time we are looking to constantly add new and interesting pieces to our catalogue of vintage movements, and we can announce that we have some exciting new timepieces to tell you about!

•	Pre Balance Spring Dutch Alarm Pocket Watch

We’ve acquired some very rare and fascinating watches that will entice the keen eye of the antique lover.


Two 17th century watches, one rare Dutch watch that features an alarm function, and a very special English clockwatch head up the list of new additions.


Also included is a particularly fine minute repeating gold enamel watch that has an exquisitely designed portrait miniature of the Shah of Iran on it. Furthermore this antique watch offers a concealed erotic watch, made for the Chinese market by the renowned James Cox, known for creating many other wonderful watches.


Here are just two of the new arrivals that have be welcomed into our collection of antique pocket watches for sale. If these are of interest then why not make them the final piece in your collection puzzle?



A rare early alarm in excellent overall condition. The small hand used to indicate the regulation of the watch is the only example we have seen. Due to the design there is not room for the usual silver regulator disc with its worm and wheel setup beside the balance. The worm and wheel setup below the barrel is also unusual being placed on the opposite side with its inner foot used as a support for the central arbor carrying the hand.


Johannes van Ceulen, 1656 – 1715, lived in a square opposite to the Huygens family in The Hague and worked with the great Dutch mathematician between 1677 and 1684. Christiaan Huygens proposed the use of a balance spring about 1675. As Van Ceulen would have been one of the first makers to adopt the hairspring this may be the only pre balance spring example of his work to survive.


A fine rare example of an erotic watch made for the Chinese market by James Cox. He is famous for producing many decorative and often complicated automata, clocks and watches almost exclusively intended for China. In 1783 he set up a company in Canton with his son.