Part 5: For the love of Patek: A series dedicated to why we love Patek Philippe watches

It’s finally arrived, the final instalment of a series we have well and truly loved covering, and precisely why we love Patek Philippe watches. We do hope you’ve enjoyed reading the previous episodes, and without further ado we give you our last word on the matter, enjoy!

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The Patek Philippe Archives

Every Patek Philippe watch that has ever been made has a searchable ‘extract’ available via thePatek Philippe archives. It instantly instils a formidable level of confidence knowing that you can have the date of production and original date of sale for each and every Patek Philippe antique pocket watch, or wrist watch, made since 1839.

The extracts, which precisely detail the history of each watch, evoke historical moments in the lives of Patek watch owners, which they’ve marked by the purchase or gifting of a Patek Philippe.

Patek doesn’t include the names of previous owners on its extracts, but most members of every royal family and countless heads-of-state and celebrities are in amongst their exclusive archives.

Who knows, maybe the previous owner was celebrating the end of a war with your watch? Perhaps, the beginning of a new life with someone? Or the joyous moment of the birth of a child? Some of the most beautiful watches we see have never come up for auction before, and they might not reach a lot, only time will tell.

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