Part 4: For the love of Patek: A series dedicated to why we love Patek Philippe watches

We have reached the penultimate episode in our series dedicated to Patek Philippe watches and what makes them the exclusive and desirability entity they are.

In part we will be delving into the DNA of these spectacular movements that are quite simply remarkable in every way. Step this way to discover more!

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The Patek Philippe DNA

The sheer artistry, design and workmanship expertly blended and balanced in Patek Philippe watches is beyond compare among fine watchmakers. The history and heritage alone is unparalleled — with over 175 years of the supreme watch-making in the world.

Just look at the cases for a Patek, it says it all: To the untrained eye they appear simple in their overall execution (in most instances), but Patek is not one for taking shortcuts. Among some other watchmakers, cases are just cast and machine-finished, and you will often find that this is undertaken at an outside shop. Not at Patek Philippe though; cases are mostly made in-house, often forged from solid pieces of gold or platinum. Patek uses traditional case-making techniques that hearken back to the 1800s and are forgotten by all but a few people in the entire modern watch-making industry. The cases look so simple and natural, but having the skill to make one requires know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation, just like the watches themselves. And that’s why they are at the top of the timepiece hierarchy, and that’s the beauty of antique watches by Patek Philippe.