Part 2 of safeguarding your vintage watch: a series for the enthusiast

If you gained some informative knowledge in the first instalment of our series on safeguarding your vintage watch then we have some more for you.

Swiss Centre Seconds Deck Watch by Longines Antique Marine Watches
As we touched on in the last post, there is nothing more significant to some people than a family heirloom or a particular antique watch. UK lovers of vintage items are just as passionate as any other nation when it comes to the classics. Follow our steps and you’ll be on to a winner with your own prized possession. In part 2 we will be covering the ways in which you can protect your strap, so if you have a pocket watch then you need not worry too much about this one.

Protecting your strap

If you expose the strap on your watch to any of the following; cosmetics, moisture, high direct, oily products, intense light, or humidity, it will invariably cause the strap to deteriorate way in advance of when it should do. Not only will this occur but it can additionally stain or discolour the natural product and its specific colour. If you happen to come in to contact with anything from our list then you should dry your strap immediately with a soft absorbent cloth or use clean cotton swabs after exposure. It is also worth noting that leather straps have a particular tendency to disintegrate rapidly when coming into contact with these elements. It is vital that you avoid direct contact with chemicals such as hair dye, hair sprays, detergents, perfumes, and greasy food- these have a tendency to damage the case, gaskets, leather strap and or the chain of your watch.