The New Year’s resolutions you should make this year

With New Year just around the corner, many of you may be considering what the year will have in store for you. If you’re one to make resolutions on the first day of January, take a look at our top five resolutions you should make to ensure 2017 is a fruitful year:

man marks the new year in with fireworks.

Earn more money

An additional income can make your life a lot more comfortable, whilst allowing you to indulge in extra treats that make you happy. Look at your present job role and figure out ways to progress within the company; consider a change in careers or even take on some freelance work. You could even turn one of your hobbies, such as collectible watches, into an investment opportunity.

Whilst you shouldn’t take on more work that will consume all your time, making a few changes to your present status may benefit you greatly.

Improve your mental skills

One of the best resolutions you could make for New Year is improving your mental capacity. For thousands of years, human civilisation has strived to better themselves and the world around them. Through a combination of mental exercises, such as meditation, and expanding your knowledge you could improve your mental skills phenomenally.

Learn about something new

Tying into the resolution before, learning about something new can widen your knowledge, but also open you up to meet new people or have more meaningful conversations. Researching your chosen topic online can open you up to new communities, help you find informative online courses or even progress your career in unexpected ways. You may even find you begin to develop a thirst for knowledge and opt to learn something new on a regular basis.

See the world

Travelling to exciting places in the world can allow you to learn and experience new cultures first hand. As well as learn a new language, you will see some of the landmark wonders of the world, such as the most beautiful clock towers.

Make the most of your time

The end of year can make many people feel reflective over their life; one thought that may pop up for many people is that they need to make the most of their time. With many obligations in life keeping you busy, making the most of your time can often be difficult. So, it is fundamentally important to spend as much time as you can with the people that matter to you. Focus your spare time on the people you care about and the people that positively contribute to your life.

You should also consider making sure you spend your time productively. It may be beneficial to invest in a wrist watch. Being able to see the time will make sure you stay aware of how much time you have allocated to complete tasks, as well as a reminder not to waste your time.

So, with New Year soon upon us, which resolution will you choose this year?