New pocket watch and smart device hybrid released

Pocket watches are a classic piece; however, this new hybrid combines the height of modern technology with the beauty in design of a pocket watch to create the Runcible.

The wooden-cased pocket watch is currently being funded through a crowd funder website, offering a variety of options to buyers to get their hands on this intriguing piece.

The name of the contraption comes from a nonsense word, created by author Edward Lear, who wrote ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. The word was used in the story as an adjective to describe a spoon, which speculations say is relating to the curved shape of the new gadget.

Its display is just 2.5 inches, with a 7-megapixel camera affixed to the wooden back casing. The casing of the device allows for future modification, including the option to add in a 13-megapixel camera. The Runcible only has quite basic functions, such as making phone calls and internet searches, eliminating any unnecessary applications.

The message portrayed alongside the gadget is very much that it is not a smart phone, it is designed not to rule your life as we see more and more with the release of every new phone, but ‘made specifically to avoid pulling you out of the real world, especially if you’re there enjoying it.’

Containing an incredible amount of technology, the tiny tablet is noted as being able to be fixed in the same way a classic pocket watch would be, due to its similarity in components. The Runcible has been designed to last for many years, rather than having a need to be replaced every couple, as happens with most modern devices. The company wanted to build a durable and timeless piece that will be treasured as with antique pocket watches, rather than treated as a throwaway gadget.

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