Mid-C18th antique clock set to surprise bidders at forthcoming auction

Antiques dealers are the lucky ones who get to see more than their fair share of the wonderful antique clocks and other classic pieces like handmade barometers but there is one 18th century bracket clock causing quite the stir prior to its auction at the Charterhouse on 1st August.

Mid 18th Century Antique Desk Clock

If you re in touch with the current market you will know that the market for antique clocks and antique watches remains to be at an excitingly buoyant stage at the moment. We can put this down to partially to buyers now looking for originality, but also for design and ingenuity, which can result in some traditional timepieces attracting pleasantly high prices at auction.

The bracket clock in question which will be sold by Charterhouse dates to the mid-18th century. The classic piece has an eight day movement, strikes on two bells, features a visible pendulum and also has a calendar aperture. Measuring in at 47 cm in height, the piece is fetching a guideline price of £1,500-2,500 regardless of the splattered old emulsion paint on the clock itself.

This item was handed over for auction by a client who lives near Frome having taken advantage of a specialist valuation.