5 vintage fashions that still have undeniable charm

Image is an important aspect for anyone, regardless of whether time and money is religiously or scarcely spent on our appearances – how we look and the accessories we choose say a lot about who we are and the person we want to present to the world.

man wears vintage classics like suit, tie and pocket watches for men.

In regards to men’s fashion, several years ago, a dapper attire was considered a necessity, along with correct grooming. This ‘vintage look’, although not out-dated, is now considered a fashion choice rather than the expected norm. However, these vintage classics can indicate a strong personal confidence and an appreciation for timely traditions.

The interesting thing about fashion is that themes are continually being recreated or saved from the past, with classic features from specific eras being kept and re-used, and the fashions we’d much rather forget about being discarded. If you’re wanting to spice up your wardrobe with some classic vintage pieces that will never go out of date, look at our classic five must-haves that will ensure you are dressed to impress:

1) Horn Rim Glasses

These classic 50’s style will continually stay in fashion. If you’re someone that should sport glasses why not invest in a pair that you can keep, rather than having to discard when they are no longer in fashion? These glasses include a thick rim around the lens, with classic variations like the brim line also being considered a great choice. These glasses look great when you’re suited and booted or even when you are in more comfortable attire.

2) Ascot Tie

Apart from scarves, men’s neckwear has short supplies. Whilst women can have silk scarfs and necklaces, men’s jewellery can often come off as cheap. An ascot tie can be a great alternative for a scarf, especially if you are in a nice, three-piece suit. Deriving from the cravat, which was popular during the 16th century, this piece is typically made of silk – making for a comfortable wear. It should be worn under the collar and tucked into the front of your shirt.

3) Pocket Watches For Men

These timepieces also originate from the 16th century and for a long time was the prime accessory for any man. Pocket watches for men can make a great addition to your suit, where the chain can add a contrast to the softness of your suit material. These timepieces can also be a great conversation starter at any party or occasion if you are looking for an icebreaker.

4) Tortoise Shell

The tortoise shell pattern is a classic texture that has seen some increased popularity in recent years, and because this texture looks so good, we are not entirely surprised! Tortoise shell can add a bit of vibrancy to any wardrobe that relies on understated colours. Having this pattern on vintage spectacle frame or on any of your accessories can make you look undeniably cultured. The love of tortoise shell began in the Victorian Era when it was used in jewellery. Original tortoise shell patterns were obtained from the shell of the Hawksbill turtle, which is now an endangered species. However, synthetic substitutes on the market look great so you can avoid using this material.

5) Saddle Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit choice. Having shoes for every occasion is vital to bring your outfit choice together. Sticking to the classics, in neutral colours, means that you can mix and match your shoes to your outfit without having to buy a lot of pairs.