Man sells an original LeCoultre vintage at watch for $35,000 he bought at a Goodwill store for $5.99

A man has struck it lucky in a Goodwill store in America by stumbling across an original LeCoultre antique wrist watch that only cost him $5.99 (£3.88), later selling it for $35,000 (£22,678).

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The man, known as Zach, knew the LeCoultre name, knew the watch was made by Jaeger-LeCoultre and that it was more than likely going to be worth far more than the $5.99 price tag, however he didn’t realiseit was avintage LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm from circa 1959 worth over $35,000.

Zach has an interest in watches and his fascination with vintage watches started a few years ago when he inherited an Omega Seamaster.

This LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm (or LeCoultre DSA)is arguably one of the most desirable watches ever made by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Less than 1000 of these striking watches weremade for the American market (watches signed “LeCoultre” were typically made for the US market while watches signed “Jaeger-LeCoultre” were made for the rest of the world). Originally starting in 1959, while a smaller number were signed Jaeger-LeCoultre with a different dial and made for the European market. They were among the first watches made with alarms for use by divers at the time.

Image:CliffunderCreative Commons.