Largest ever display of Gershom-Parkington watches & clocks set for Moyse’s Hall Museum, Bury St Edmunds

The townspeople of Bury St Edmunds, among others from outside the region, will be keen to learn that the Gershom-Parkington collection – one of the finest compilations of antique watches & clocks in the country– worth £8m to £10m – will return to permanent public display.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

Around 85% of the antiques will now go out for the public to see at Moyse’s Hall Museum in Bury, with heritage officer Alex McWhirter adding that as many as is practically possible would be joining the current collection soon.

All of the Augsburg clocks are now on display, as well as the bracket clocks and not forgetting the all-important antique watches too.

Mr McWhirter said there were probably about 200 items in the Gershom-Parkington collection, adding that when the Manor House Museum closed there was a period of storage for some of the clocks while space was created at Moyse’s Hall Museum.

If you would like to know more about the collection, head over to the eHive website, , where you can view a lot of the collection before visiting.

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.