Just for fun: Titanium Steel Batman Pocket Watch

Sometimes, if you don’t want to don your finest vintage timepiece or if you fancy something just for a bit of fun then you should consider trying this Batman pocket watch.

Batman Logo Pocket Watch

Theirs is no doubting that it will never be found as a feature lot at auction in a collection in the UK. Pocket watches for sale don’t come much cheaper than this one at less than £6 and featuring no complications apart from the essential factor of telling the time it offers nothing more, other than being very cool for Batman lovers.

The design of the watch is elegant, and is also a bit Steampunk, which is very trendy among younger appreciators of timepieces.

We would consider this item as something that would be ideal to get the younger ones in your family to acquire as they begin a crusade into the world of pocket watches, or even crime fighting, who knows?! We expect the former, at any rate this is an enjoyable piece we thought we would share with you.

Image:ClkerFreeVectorImagesunder Creative Commons.