It’s cool to own a pocket watch don’t you know?

Thanks greatly to the ‘trendy’ phenomenon of a social genre amongst young adults in the UK known as Hipsters we can lay thanks. We are able to thank them for bringing the UK pocket watch revival.

Hipster Wearing A Pocket Watch- Antique Pocket Watches UK

Pocket watches will never lose their appeal but they shouldn’t simply be reserved for display cabinets and special occasions. It’s a great feeling to know that the pocket watch is a must-have accessory for certain groups in today’s culture.

This apparent fashion revival of the pocket watch among the ‘retro-chic’ has seen jewellery retailers following the trend to cater for the hipsters who love the appeal and style the pocket watch provides.

The flourishing pocket watch market has been so pronounced that there has been a new electronic version put into production. While it does not represent the vintage, classic and antique style’s we so love, the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch is still part of the family. With its touch features and liquid-crystal display it certainly won’t become an antique any time soon but it could be a fun way to introduce potential owners into the world of the antiques.

It’s possibly too soon to say for certain as to whether or not hipsters will reject the electronic pocket watch or if they will embrace this new offering of vintage cool with a twist. Whatever happens we are sure that seeing pocket watches in the limelight can only be a good thing.