Honouring a legendary carmaker: introducing the Shinola Henry Ford Pocket Watch

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Shinola Henry Ford Collection | A Take on Antique Pocket Watches

One such watch is the Shinola Henry Ford Pocket Watch. Part of Shinola’s Great Americans series, the company has created this pocket watch in tribute to their fellow Detroit institution, and the watch certainly contains echoes of Ford’s design philosophy. While maintaining a classic yet contemporary style, the black dial, for instance, calls back to the days of the Ford Model T, which the man famously offered in any colour, as long as it was black, and the case band is decorated with Ford’s signature.

Made from stainless steel, the watch has a diameter of 49mm, and a thickness of 11.45mm. Built in partnership with Swiss movement maker Ronda, the Shinola Henry Ford Pocket Watch uses the Argomite 1069 quartz movement, which is also assembled in Detroit, further tying the watch to Henry Ford’s background.

This pocket watch stands out as a collector’s piece, and Shinola really have pulled out all the stops in presenting it as elegantly as possible. Limited to just a thousand pieces, and retailing in the United States for $1000 (approximately £625), the watch is not only provided with both a leather and a steel chain fob, but also a black hickory storage box, a presentation stand, a certificate of authenticity, and membership to Shinola’s collectors’ club, The Foundry. It is a watch ideal not only for the avid pocket watch collector, but also for those enthusiastic about Henry Ford and his motoring legacy.