Historic Breguet watches set for showcase exhibition at San Francisco’s Legion Of Honour museum

Anyone worth their salt will be aware of the fact that Abraham Louis Breguet is regularly referred to as the father of watchmaking. Breguet, being such a powerful name both historically and in modern society in the context of mechanical watch making means that many people are keen to experience some of his works in the flesh if they hadn’t had the good fortune to as of yet.

A wonderful example of a Breguet MG watch – Pieces of Time, London

Exceptional brilliance, and sensational artistry, combined with the superb engineering of Breguet’s original pieces means there is a certain fascination with his movements. The pure quality and longevity of the man and his successors speaks absolute volumes.


And due to the man’s brilliance, as of September 19th, 2015, until January 10th next year, you can visit the Breguet: Art And Innovation In Watchmaking exhibition at the ArtsMuseums Of San Francisco at the California Palace of theLegion Of Honour.


The phenomenal fruits of Breguet and his associates’ labour is a brilliant reminder that there’s such a step history in watches, not to mention the joy, pleasure, and delight that movements, whether antiques watches, or more modern creations, bring to us as lovers of the finer things in life.


Image:Ramaunder Creative Commons.