Guide to starting an antique watch collection

Have you ever seen antique pocket watches for sale and thought ‘I’d love to get into collecting vintage timepieces’, well, there’s never been a better time to start!








Today is one of the best times to start collection classic, timeless and vintage watches, whether it’s pocket watches or classic wristwatches, there is something to suit every taste and every occasion. The online world is a hub of information and options, from the latest releases of the world’s leading brands to rare 17th century antique timepieces that will appeal to the serious horology collector.

When starting a collection of antique watches, you should ask yourself some questions;

These basic questions will allow you to start a collection that in years to come, you will still look fondly upon and will have increased in financial worth too!










When you have decided on what your goals are for your collection and what type of watches you are going to collect you should remember the four ‘rules’ below:


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