Gone are the days of women waiting for men to shower them with fine watches and jewels

Like it or not, jewellery and expensive antique wrist watches have, by tradition, been something gifted to women by their male counterparts. And even in today’s world that view remains defiant.

Shopping for antique wrist watches near Pieces of Time, London.

However, many women have given up waiting for such gifts of finery and are happily buying items for themselves – for all manner of reasons. For the fun of it, as an investment, or as a beautiful way to make use of their bonuses in the workplace.

A recent study by Mintel revealed that over fifty per cent of the 2,000 women involved in their survey made these purchases simply to treat themselves – admittedly this group, labelled the “Just Becausers”, were chiefly professionals aged 45 and over, with a disposable household income in excess of £90,000. In this day and age, not only are they buying it for themselves, they are making these purchases at auction houses, which has conventionally been the stronghold of male trade buyers.

This news comes from Bonhams, whose report indicates that at its most recent sales in Knightsbridge, London, half the buyers were women, in regards to jewellery.

Image: Ian Muttoo under Creative Commons.