Five things you should avoid when caring for your pocket watch

One of the most popular styles of collectible watches is the pocket watch and one of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do I care for it?’. As with any mechanical device your watch requires some degree of maintenance, a good rule of thumb is that your pocket watch should be oiled and cleaned every seven years by a professional if you are keeping it in condition.

To keep it in ideal working and aesthetic condition we have listed five things you should never do to your heirloom pocket watch time piece, read them below:

Not adjusting the time

One of the biggest errors in pocket watch maintenance is not adjusting the time. To ensure your watch is displaying the correct time, you need to check the time on your collectible watch daily as they can lose small amounts of time every 24 hours, and as time passes can lead to your timepiece being off by a fair few minutes!

Incorrect winding habits

Mechanical pocket watches have to be wound between 30 and 40 half turns for a full wind. This will last on average a full day before having to be wound again. Remember, winding the watch more doesn’t allow it to keep the time longer and if the stem doesn’t turn anymore do not force it to! Set a time each day and stick to it, perhaps put it next to your alarm clock and add it to your routine.

Ditching the pocket watch chain

Pocket watch chains are there for a reason, and not having one will put it at risk of slipping out of your pocket and breaking on the floor, or simply losing it! Always keep your pocket watch safe and secure with a chain.

Exposing your pocket watch to the elements

Unlike today’s vast array of modern watches that promise to be indestructible, waterproof and dust proof, the same can’t be said for collectible pocket watches. Precipitation can damage the internal mechanisms and age your pocket watch faster. Treat your pocket watch like your smart phone, because whatever can damage your mobile phone will more than likely wreak havoc on your timepiece.

Incorrect storage

Treat your pocket watch like the valuable heirloom it is, this means don’t fling it down like a set of car keys. Make sure you have a material-lined storage box or a display stand, and every few days use a soft cloth such as micro-fibre to give it a once over removing any fingerprints and oil that may have accumulated.


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