Five details to take your suit to the next level

There is something special about pulling your favourite suit out of its case, polishing your shoes and preening yourself in preparation for a formal party, not only does it make you feel good, but you look great as well.

From weddings to birthdays, days at the polo, and gala events, there are many reasons why we dress up to set yourself apart from the rest at your next get together. Incorporate one of the following five details that will be sure to take your look to the next level, separating you from the rest!

Pocket Squares


Nothing brightens up an outfit quite like a pocket square, as they allow you to show off your personality as you experiment with different colours and patterns. When using colour, always be aware of what shades suit your skin tone as well as your outfit, especially your tie.

A Cummerbund

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.52.04

The cummerbund was inspired by traditional Afghan cloths and unsurprisingly was first used by British military officers during their occupation of India before civilians noticed this new accessory and starting wearing it to.

Nowadays it’s mostly worn as an alternative to wearing a waistcoat when dressing up in your finest garments is required. However, now is an excellent time to raise the style stakes when you are wearing a suit for any event. Obviously, never wear a traditional tie with a cummerbund but instead opt for a bow tie, and don’t be afraid to match them together with bright and bold colours.

A Belt


Many people argue that a belt should never be worn with a suit, but then, why are there belt loops? Here at Pieces of Time, we think if your suit requires a belt, then wear one, and do it with style. You can go down the safe route of blending the belt into the colours of your suit, or you can go for a statement belt by experimenting with different materials, finishes, colours and designs… just make sure it matches!

A Lapel Pin

grey suit plaid texture, double breasted

A lapel pin can mean much more than a sorry looking flower struggling to stay up through the best man’s speech. Whilst flowers such as orchids still look extremely stylish when done right; a lapel pin is the chance to show off your specific tastes.

You can pick up some excellent lapel pins at auction houses and even charity shops, where you can get your hands on some exquisite one-off items. By experimenting with different designs, textures and styles, you are sure to turn heads at the next party you attend.

A Pocket Watch

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.28.20

When attending a formal setting, there are only a few pieces of jewellery that are acceptable for a man to adorn, a wedding ring and a watch are just about the only two! Add your own flair by skipping the usual wristwatch and opt for one of our antique pocket watches, not only will it ooze style and sophistication, but it will be a focus of conversation among the other guests!


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