Watch writer asks “are Rolex resting on their laurels?”

For those of us who work in the world of antique marine watches, pocket watches and antique wrist watches, the new releases of updated watch fashion is not of the utmost importance, although we like to keep an eye on things. This brings us to an interesting article from an esteemed source emerged recently. Luke Rottman, Founder and Executive Editor of the Daily Wristwatch Publication,The Watch Adviserinterestingly questioned whether Rolex, were satisfied with their achievements in the world of fine timepieces. And should Rolex be seen to be making a visible effort to produce anything different from their standard movements?

A Rolex sign outside a shop that sells these vintage watches like the antique wrist watches at Pieces of Time.

In a recent article Rottman said: “In 1905 a German man by the name of Hans Wilsdorf, with plenty of determination and unbelievable effort, he came to establish the household name of luxury wristwatches:Rolex. Later on, in 1926, his brand introduced the first ever waterproof watch. This occurrence marked the beginning of Rolex’s sports watch era, in other words, the Rolex we all know and love.”

He goes on to say: “It’s 2015 now and Rolex stands as the most lucrative luxury watch company and the 75th most valuable brand around. However, after 110 years of fine watchmaking, Rolex’s designs haven’t varied much. While I admire all of their past creations, I really think it’s time they show the watch world something innovative and unlike their repertoire of watches. How about a complicated piece, for instance, a tourbillon, perpetual calendar or repeater? Perhaps even a diving chronograph? Any of these would be great!”

What are your thoughts? Do you share Mr Rottman’s sentiments? Let us know your thoughts.

Image:jmsresenfeldunderCreative Commons.