Equestrian-themed pocket watch by Longines set for exclusive re-issue

It’s true that when we are looking for antique watches, whether they be antique half hunter watches, vintage wrist watches or a classic desk clock, that the year of production is an important factor. Well one certain timepiece has been deemed worthy of a one-off production once again for the first time in 87 years.

Limited Edition Longines Pocket atch

The limited edition Longines pocket watch has been created in order to commemorate the Chinese year of the horse. This particular movement is a re-issue of a splendid 1927 creation which can be seen on display at the Longines museum. The comprehensive carving of a horse flying over a fence on the back of the watch is a tip of the cap to the long-established relationship Longines has with the world of equestrian sport and costs £24,060.

The watches rear opens to expose a solid case back and is fitted with a manually wound L506 calibre.

These watches are destined for the antique market in the future with the announcement that only 10 of these pocket watches have been created, and only one UK stockist available.

If you are a watch aficionado with a fondness for equestrianism then this timepiece is sure to be on your collector’s radar, and possibly set for a place in your collection.