Could the Apple Watch have arrived at timely moment for the antiques trade?

In recent weeks we have written several articles for you to digest that have been very much dedicated to the launch of the Apple Watch, and not so much on antique pocket watches.

A collection of Apple Watches on a shelf in a shop near our antique pocket watches in London.

The near obsession with technology among today’s youth shows little sign of slowing at a time where engaging the next generation of buyers is perhaps the major issue facing the antiques trade.

It’s undeniable that antiques are truly unique pieces, due to the fact they are meticulously made, in small numbers, often by hand. The kind of state-of-the-art devices that attract queues outside Apple stores mean that individuality is a natural casualty due to the normalisation of owning Apple products.

However, just like with the progression of the wrist watch which evolved from the pocket watch, there is a feeling that the new Apple watch could spell an upturn in the fortune of antique watches.

While many won’t see any ground-breaking developments that aren’t already available on a smart phone in the Apple watch, it’s highly likely the watch will sell, just maybe not in the same numbers as their previous innovations.

So the next advancement is to recognise the design, creativity and individual appeal. This mindset will more than likely lead to people seeking to do the same in the antiques and collectibles world.

Watch this space….