Collecting antique pocket watches: a question of preference and style

Withantique pocket watches or clocks, they are part style and part mechanics. When it boils down to it, people will, 99 per cent of the time, gravitate toward the watches that they find the most attractive. Of course good quality comes into the equation but in the end recognising the fact that the buyer is going to be looking at that clock on the mantel or the watch from their pocket many times a day is essential. If it isn’t attractive, it matters not how mechanically refined the piece is, it really is not going to be satisfying.

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A watch is something that you look at. Indeed, it provides useful information in reference to giving you the time, but it also provides that feeling of pleasure when looked at, which as with any decorative object, is part of the benefit of owning it.

Price is determined by appearance but also the complexity of the watch, its complications if you will. Over-all, the more functions a watch is capable of performing, the more expensive the watch becomes.

There is also the rather pivotal matter of style. Innovative design or a story and history associated with a piece drives value upwards. Collectors find this type of item much more desirable and collectors share that feeling whether they are a beginner or an expert in the field.

For the beginning collector, the essence to satisfying the interest is to find something that fascinates them about a particular watch or a certain group of watches and to pursue that. It’s an intellectual as well as an inquisitive process.