Certain Apple watches will be kept in safes in shops

The luxury version of the new Apple Watch which is made from 18-carat yellow or rose gold, is set to be stored in safes within the stores stocking them, sources are leading people to believe.

the combination on a safe ideal for storing valuable antique pocket watches

The Apple Watch Edition is expected to retail for thousands, and will goon sale with the standard Apple Watch and the luxury version of the Apple Watch by April, and in an attempt to keep the pricey timepieces secure Apple has taken measures to install safes in stores. Prices are thought to be around £230.

The safes will come equipped with Apple’s patented MagSafe magnetic chargers built in so that the secure destination for these watches can recharge the demo models, as well as boxed stock ready for consumer purchase.

The Watch will come in three versions – the Apple Watch Sport in grey or silver anodized aluminium, the standard Apple Watch in polished or black stainless steel, and the luxury Watch Edition, available in rose or yellow 18 carat gold developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold.

We can’t help thinking that these safes could be used for more valuable items such as the many timeless and irreplaceable antique watches available from antique watch dealers.

Image: JiscunderCreative Commons.