Benefits of purchasing from an antiques dealer

Investing in a timepiece is not a decision to be taken lightly, and knowing where to purchase from is a vital element to making the correct decision. Purchasing directly from an antique timepiece dealer is certainly the best way to go about adding a new treasure to your collection and here is why:

Building a relationship

If you are a collector who regularly purchases timepieces, it is often worth finding a good, local antiques dealer that you can build a relationship with or even several in different locations. By establishing a relationship, you can build and maintain a level of trust, leaving you assured that all your pieces are genuine. You might even get a little more of the back story and some extra perks, such as getting the best deals and ensuring you secure the pieces you most desire for your collection. They may be able to track down your most wanted timepiece.


The dealer of your choice should have a substantial amount of knowledge on the topic of timepieces as a whole, as well as about individual pieces. This means that you can really get to know each and every timepiece before making the purchase decision, expanding your own knowledge about these little gems in the meantime. This will also aid you in future buys, as being clued up certainly helps you to get the best for your money and ensures you are truly satisfied in the long-run.

Using online stores

Once you have found a reputable antiques dealer you can then take a look at their online store, giving you the convenience of browsing 24 hours a day and researching whichever item has caught your eye. This is often helpful in helping you to narrow down your options, as with businesses such as our own, you can then pop in-store to see the timepiece in person before committing to the investment, giving you the best of both worlds.

Using unknown or non-reputable sites, however, should be avoided. There is a lot of risk in purchasing from these sites, and you can never be sure of the condition of the item you will receive. Often if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Auction houses

The main downfall of buying antiques at an auction house is the lack of pre and post communication. Once you walk away with your item, that is it; the deal is done and there is no turning back for advice or extra knowledge. With an antique timepiece dealer, you can maintain contact, which is a particularly important when dealing with antique pocket watches that may eventually have mechanism issues for example. The dealers will either be able to fix it themselves or offer up the recommendation of a reputable watchmaker that will be able to complete the job. By purchasing from a dealer you are buying more than just a product, you are investing in a long-lasting service.