BADA appoint new Chief Executive Officer Role

The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) has recently revealed that they have created a new position in the organisation, in the form of Chief Executive Officer, as part of their efforts to raise and improve their profile in the UK, and overseas, respectively.

The BADA logo in all its glory, an organisation Pieces of Time are proud to be associated with.

The former Chief Executive of the Event and Visual Communication Association (EVCOM), Marco Forgione, now takes the reins in this new position, as a result of his wealth of experience and know-how in a range of essential areas, such as making-over associations and working internationally.


In just over two years’ time BADA will proudly celebrate a century since its establishment. And in the meantime before 2018 the association are looking to make sure they assemble a team capable of maintaining their efforts to take things forward as far as the British antique industry is concerned.


BADA have also taken steps to reinforce the team responsible for the future of the organisation with the recent appointments of former deputy mayor of London Victoria Borwick as BADA president, and Madeleine Williams as BADA fair manager.


Mr Forgione and his new team are now tasked with altering the way in which BADA goes about presenting and communicating itself, while taking advantage of fresh developments in mobile and digital communications.


Forgione will now need to provide support for what is being considered to be the “next generation of dealers”, by networking and associating with dealers overseas, as BADA operates within a global marketplace.


So with the news of BADA taking us forward to the next level in the industry, why not take yourself to view antique pocket watches UK dealers have for sale to celebrate the news?


Image: BADA under Creative Commons.