Antique full hunter watch with Masonic links set for sale in UK

An antique pocket watch crafted some 94 years ago, in 1922, is still keeping time.


The timepiece, which boasts Masonic links to Runcorn, has been placed on sale by a private seller. In spite of the fact that the vintage watch dates back to 1922, it still keeps time to within 120 seconds.

The antique watch is inscribed with the details of the recipient, and is inscribed:

Presented to “Bro. H. Hassall” by the perseverance pride of Cheshire and international lodges of the R.A.O.B Runcorn for services rendered during the past 11 years, Apl.14.1922

The watch, a full hunter pocket watch, was created by Mr Thomas Russell. The description states that the watch maintains time to two minutes across a 24-hour period. Although there are some scratches on the surface of the pocket watch, the item is generally described as being in good condition.

The rolled gold case has intricate detailing around the edge, which is unusual for a pocket watch, and has a diameter of 51mm. The original guarantee was 10 years, and it is still working almost 100 years later.

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