A poke at time II: 9 more things that happen when the clocks go back

We enjoyed talking about the amusing lines and scenarios we all go through when the Daylight Savings Time comes around that we decided to give you a handful more!

Comic style design of a desktop background word clock at Pieces of Time

Why not add some more humour to your day with these classics?


  1. You’ll undoubtedly come across strangers who make awkward small-talk about having ‘an extra hour of sleep and still being tired’. To which you instinctively respond with a ‘HA!’ that then slides into a brief silence between the two of you.


  1. It’s protocol for children to completely disregard the clocks and force you to climb out of bed at 6am on a Sunday.


  1. We all know someone who complains about the fact they have Seasonal Affective Disorder and are thinking about buying one of those special UV lamps to cheer them up a bit! This of course doesn’t happen, and that’s because they don’t actually have SAD, they’re just like the rest of us; a bit tired and a bit grumpy about the fact the weather’s not great.

  1. You struggle to get to grips with the TV listings. “What time’s Antiques Roadshow on, June? I don’t want to miss the antique pocket barometer on this episode!”

  1. When you leave the office it dawns on you that you’re now going to be going home in the dark for a while. How did it suddenly get so dark?!


  1. There’s that one colleague who rolls into work an hour late on Monday morning, thus setting themselves up for complete ridicule until home time.


  1. The annual feature on the news about people who have the responsibility of manually turning back Big Ben’s clock, and all the clocks in major department stores.

  1. For the younger ones; if you’re out at a nightclub or bar on Saturday night, you get buoyed by about the prospect of extra hour until closing time. Sadly, this only happens if you’re in bars that stay open past 2am, and you’re also knocking an extra hours sleep off your recovery time too!

  1. You begin to realise that it’s all fine, because that Christmassy-festive feeling is just around the corner, and that makes us feel warm and cosy inside.


Image: Akustikbastiunder Creative Commons.