A how to guide on how to begin your watch collection

Watches, whether they be vintage watches, antique pocket watchesor something newer are traditionally used to mark milestones in a man’s life. They are frequently used to give as a present to a groom or best man on a wedding day. Not forgetting that a gold watch is still the established tribute for years of devoted service or a retirement.

Antique Pocket Watches on Display in a Well-Kept DisplayCase

There’s a beauty about all kinds of watches- they’re functional, they’re fashionable and they make a statement about who you are and express what defines you. However, they can also be very good investments, which accumulate in value over time.

So how do you get a collection started and what should you do to make your collection worthwhile? We’ve got all you need to know here:


Getting your collection started

It matters not whether you are thinking of buying just a single classic watch or starting a collection of them, if you aren’t familiar with a certain type of watch then doing your researching is vital. Visit the dealers and websites and gain as much information as possible as a good watch that could be the beginning of a vintage collection will always be remembered. Educate yourself about trends, styles, and prices, and get clued up.


What you should look out for

When you’re shopping for vintage and antique watches this will require more research than if you were researching modern pieces. Make a decision on the kind of brands you’re most attracted to then begin to research price ranges.

When looking at antique timepieces, put some effort into the condition of the item you’re keen on. Ideally you should focus on watches that are in mint, near-mint, or working condition that don’t require much more than cleaning up, depending on what kind of collection you want of course. If you’re looking to get involved in restoration then you can obviously consider movements that desire less work carried out on them.


To wear or not to wear…?

You should almost always consider wearing all of the watches in your collection at some point in life, even if you have bought them as investments. Why not buy a watch if you can’t show it off or enjoy it in your pocket, allow it to become visible occasionally or on your wrist just that once?

Robert Bryan, a former men’s fashion editor ofThe New York Times Magazine, who is the proud owner of classic watches from the 1930s and 1940s was quoted as saying “I wear a beautiful watch every day,” he added: “I’m just interested in the look and style of these solid, quality devices.”


Caring and storing your collection

Essentially if you intend to wear your watch you must maintain its running order. We advise that you take your watches to experts like us here at Pieces of Time as this would allow you to have peace of mind in the knowledge that your watch would be cared for by skilled professionals.

If you’re intention is to not wear your timepiece regularly, you can opt to store them- safely of course and preferably in its original cases. The location should be a cool, dry, and dark, something along the lines of a chest of drawers or a purpose built box for storage of watches. Keeping your watches neatly organised is important as you don’t want them making contact with one another and accidentally causing damage.

If your plan is to display your prized possessions, which are all little works of art in their own right, then you should purchase a watch display box or vitrine in order to showcase however many of these wonderful accessories you own.