A clock commemorating the famous Titanic valued at £150,000 goes on display

We have a lovely story for the horologists as an exclusive clock, valued at £150,000, has gone on public display at Belfast City Hall recently.

RMS Titanic on the seas in 1912 with vast amounts of antique pocket watches on board.

The sophisticated and chic timepiece, designed toreflect the extravagance and historic significance of the Titanicwas handed over to Belfast City Council on Monday 15 June.

Owned by local businessman Jim Fitzpatrick, the clock is a one of a kind and was created last year by, who else, but Patek Philippe, maker of antique watches UK collectors hold so dearly.

The complete dome shape was fashioned in order to recollect the departure of RMS Titanic from Belfast, in 1912.

Beautiful cloisonné enamel work exemplifies the ship’s domed glass ceiling. Lengths of gold ribbon are fashioned for the partitions, and the design encompasses 22 intricate enamel colours and an impressive 200 gold spangles.

Mr Fitzpatrick said his rationale for making the loan was to mark the start of a new era thanks to the creation of the new Belfast City Council.

For images of the clock go through to The Telegraph here.

Image: Teufelbeutel under Creative Commons.