9 Items every man should have in their wardrobe

Any true stylish gent will have a wardrobe that can cope with any occasion that slips into their diary, from an afternoon at the polo to drinks with the guys, a well-stocked wardrobe will consist of certain items that stand the test of time, can complete any look and never go out of style.

Here at Pieces Of Time we thought we’d give you a helping hand when it comes to adding essential items that will compliment you and your wardrobe at any time, by telling you nine essential items that any stylish gent must have at all times. See them below:

Lightweight Cotton Suit

A cotton suit is a basic staple for the warmer months and screams relaxation. Opt for neutral palates such as off white, duck egg, blue and other similar tones. Pair with a whiter than white shirt and you’re ready to go. Great for formal outdoor parties or summer weddings and you can roll up the bottoms, wear a t-shirt underneath and wear this any day of the week with a casual twist.

Polo Shirt

When the sun’s shining, a polo shirt is the go-to choice for people wanting to feel the sun but still showing those around them that they care about their appearance. Go for solid colours with no oversized logos and patterns on them, you’re an adult man remember! Also keep in mind that the sleeves should be well fitted and come halfway down to your bicep.

Men’s Mechanical Watch

Distinctive accessories will put you ahead of the pack and mechanical watches for men are a true statement piece that will catch everyone’s eye and add an air of sophistication to your look. If you have a few of them to hand, coordinate the colours of your time pieces to clothing items such as ties, socks, or your shirt.


We’re not talking acid wash here, but dark denim such as midnight blue, charcoal and black (everyman should own at least two pairs of black jeans). Finding the right fit depends on the brand, and it’s important to remember that a pair of Levi’s in a 34” waist will be totally different to Acne’s 34” sizing. So when you find the perfect fitting pair, stock up and buy three pairs or as many as you can afford because next seasons release may be totally different. Dark denim goes with everything and remember never wash them! Just dry clean them if necessary or dab the dirt off with a damp cloth.

Dress Shirt

A clean dress shirt should be one of the first things in your wardrobe. From pairing it with jeans or simply rocking it sans tie under a perfect fitting suit, it’s a fashion style icon. Remember that the perfect fitting dress shirt will have one to two inches of give when you pinch it at the waist.

Your Smell

We once heard ‘fragrance maketh’ the man’, or something like that. Or we may have made it up! Anyway, it still rings true, with your scent being one of the main things people will remember about you, especially if you smell like a rubbish dump! Woody, spicy and earthy scents are great for the colder months whilst citrus, fresh and delicate scents are better for warmer months.


Your jumper should be of the highest quality that you can afford. Cashmere, merino wool and cotton blends are the ones to opt for as you do get what you pay for. Wear it underneath a suit jacket, pair with your dark jeans or just simply wear it at home when you’re relaxing.


One of the most iconic type of trousers ever and one that any man should have in their collection. They should fit like a blend of dress trousers and jeans and don’t be afraid to steer away from the classic sandstone colour. Greys, slate blues and burgundy are also exciting additions to compliment your look.

Leather Jacket

This is where many people go wrong but in all reality it’s not that hard to get it just so! Stay away from any fickle trends that see shiny buttons, different colours of leather, spikes, extra zips or any other additions, and go for a simple, classic look. Spend as much money as you can as this jacket will last a lifetime. A soft, buttery and classic style leather jacket can be worn with anything. Jeans and t-shirt, shirt and tie, dress trousers and sweater, maybe not flip flops and swim shorts, but you get the idea!