8 rules when it comes to dressing for your job interview

It’s a new year and for some that means a potential new working environment. But first you must get through the interview which can cause all kinds of problems, especially deciding what to wear!

What’s the interviewer going to be donning? Is it smart attire? Smart casual? How do you show off your personality through your clothes? How do I dress down to show I fit in to a more relaxed working environment? The questions and queries are neverending and whilst there are no specific laws on how you should dress, an interview is nerve racking at the best of times before you even try and decide what garments to wear. Scientific studies have shown that humans make up their mind about a person in a mere matter of seconds, so first impressions are vital when being grilled by your potential future bosses.

Here at Pieces of Time we thought we’d give you a helping hand and list eight rules that we live by for how to dress when walking into that dreaded interview room. See them below:

Study the company

You should aim to find out as much as you can about the company or business you intend to work for, and we’re not talking late night study sessions to learn all the intricacies of the business, but just a quick walk in prior to your interview to look at how the average employee and manager dresses like, will be helpful for you to decide what to wear.

Dress to fit in

It would be a little weird to dress identically to the already existing staff but with a sly nod to the existing dress code the interviewer will be able to visualise you fitting into their business.

Iron, press and steam

Of course some job settings are more relaxed with staff donning jeans and a t-shirt, especially within the creative sector, where they believe it harbours increased creativity among their staff, but that doesn’t mean you can grab a pair of jeans from the bedroom floor and away you go!

If you are wearing jeans, have them free of wrinkles, and aim for a cuff at the bottom with a sharp crease. The same applies to a shirt or t-shirt. Pair it with a jacket but make sure it’s steamed or ironed. An interviewee with creased clothing will show what kind of worker they will become.

Dress conservatively

Whilst you may dress in yoga pants and an Inca poncho at the weekends it’s not really accepted when being interviewed, it also applies the other way. Maybe keep that 3-piece tartan suit for the office party and not the interview. It’s just a matter of common sense. If you are wondering if the shirt your wearing is too much, then it probably is!


A day or two before your interview head out for a trim and tidy up your hair, because, like your clothes, your hair says who and what you are. Avoid wet look gels and hair sprays and use a matte wax to keep it flying out of place as they ask your weaknesses! The job type will determine your hair, a job at a law firm, bank or big corporation will require a more conservative cut.

The same goes for facial hair, beards have never been more popular and are accepted in most working environments but that doesn’t mean you can turn up with it platted with a bead on the end, keep it trimmed and in shape.


A style staple; your belt should match your shoes and any grown man at a job interview should be wearing a belt. Your clothes should all match together with no garish colours, with you opting for tones that compliment your skin colours.


No interviewer wants to see Mr T walk into their conference room and there is no excuse for a man to be sporting an earring during an interview. A wedding ring is obviously ok and when dressed to impress nothing finishes of the look more than one of our classic men’s watches.

Unwanted scents

Nothing will put off your prospective boss more than the odour the permeates from you after you sloshed half a bottle of Joop on to your neck as you left the house. All aftershave and strong scents should be kept to a minimum, nothing kills an interview quicker than sneezing fits in a small room. Use neutral deodorants and after you brush your teeth rinse with mouth wash, no one should smell you before they see you!