70 year old Chinese woman creates a timepiece museum in her home

Wu Xiuying is a 70 year old Chinese woman who has built an incredible timepiece collection in her own home in Jilin. This impressive collection is so extensive that it has been called a museum.

The collection consists of over 1000 pieces from all over the world, sought out from local locations as well as various locations abroad. Her house is filled from top to bottom with various kinds of timepiece, from vintage pocket watches to old fashioned wall clocks.

She began the collection 32 years ago, when she realised her passion for collecting unique timepieces. She has spent over 100,000 RMB which is around £10,000, and hopes to continue adding to the vast array of clocks.

Xiuying said that with the support of her family she was encouraged to build her collection driven through her growing passion for timepieces.

Some of the most interesting pieces in her eclectic collection are the oldest piece, an antique wall clock that was produced in 1813, and a small belt clock, the furthest travelled of all her pieces, coming from America.

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Image: Kirsty Davis under Creative Commons