7 stylish accessory tips that will transform your look

Regardless of if you’re wearing trousers and a t-shirt or donning a suit to a works party, your look isn’t complete without a stylish accessory that will tie it all together, turning an ordinary look into a bold statement.

Here at Pieces of Time, we want you to look good and that in turn will make you feel good, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to look stylish?

Below you will find seven ways in which you can turn a stale look into a strong fashion statement:

Neck Tie

Obviously, you can wear a collared shirt and suit without a tie, but when opting for a collared shirt, the correct tie will stylishly finish your look off. Opt for a bold print with lashings of colour, staying away from patterns that have been around for decades, and experimenting with different knots.


In today’s modern world the man on the go doesn’t exactly travel lightly; phone, wallet, laptop, diary and portfolios tend to weigh us down. Opting for a bold and fashionable bag is the way to go. Not only does it serve a purpose but also accentuates your own personal style and will make a positive statement to customers, employees and peers when on the road.


The right watch will complete any look as well as showcasing your timepiece’s fusion of fashion, technology and craftsmanship. Here at Pieces of Time we stock some of the finest men’s watches and for those wanting to make a serious style statement should opt for one of our beautiful antique pocket watches.


Throw away the packs of socks you get from your Mum on your birthday and pick up some modern and bold designer print socks for a true fashion accessory. The right pair of socks can transform even the standard jeans and t-shirt, into a high-fashion look. The bolder the better here. Look for fun and fresh prints with plenty of colour and make sure people can see them, this shows off your carefree and fun side underneath the serious clobber!


A belt can perfectly finish off any look, if you get it right! A strong belt can turn a casual look into a smarter one and also works the other way, turning a more dressed up look into an edgier, more casual look. You should remember that the buckle is the focal point so the buckle material should match your main garments, a vintage chunky belt buckle for example, can become the focal point of any look.


Glasses for many people are a requirement, not a fashion accessory, but many people are opting for glasses and when you choose the right pair they can be a real game changer in your fashion stakes. A recent study found that people who wear glasses are taken more seriously than those who don’t, so for an air of authority add a pair to your look. Head to your local opticians and try on different styles and find what shape suits your face. You can even take a few different outfits and see what works. You may be looked at a little oddly, but it’s a small price to pay for looking good!


Let’s be honest, you can either pull off a hat or you can’t! But for those who can, the right hat can transform your look and make you stand out from the crowd. We’re not talking straw fedoras at Glastonbury here, but rather a gentlemen’s hat of a high pedigree. A paperboy hat ala David Beckham is a great option or a good quality Stetson will separate you from the rest on your Sunday strolls.

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