3 Ways for Women to Wear their Pocket Watches

In today’s age of digital and smart watches, there is a strong resurgence for he more classic movements that arguably carry a little more style and substance than their modern counterparts, both for men and women.

The inside working of a pocket watch

If you are one of those style-conscious people who likes something that is slightly more refined and will surely bring more gazes than something Apple or Samsung can fashion, with all due respect, then you might want to consider wearing an antique pocket watch. The next thing to consider of course is how to wear said watch. Now, this is something that can be classed as unisex but given that most men will only ever choose two of the three ways we are going suggest, then we will be focussing on how women can best wear their timepieces. The wonderful thing about pocket watches for women is that they can not only do their primary job – to tell time – but also become a striking accessory for many outfits and occasions.


Here are three ideas for you:


As a Necklace

You can wear a pocket watch to accompany a crochet blouse or a summer dress. You can team your timepiece with a delicate chain to compliment and really make a statement, or use as a focal point.


If you are a true fashionista, then you will know how to wear a waistcoat with style. And there is almost no better way to accessorise a waistcoat than to pair it with a pocket watch. Simply attach the movement with your button or loop it through your button hole, using a small safety pin to keep the chain in the perfect place for your preference.


Jeans Pocket

Who would have thought to put a pocket watch in a pocket? Hardly the biggest revelation, but given that the majority of people use wrist watches today, it has to be said, so why not use it that way? You can make the most of the chain, allowing it to hang out of the pocket, creating a look by accessorising.


Image: pocketwatchmagic/Instagram