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Restoring antique watches

Regardless of whether you collect old cars or antique watches, everything will eventually need a little TLC to restore the item to its best quality. With vintage watches, there is a right and wrong way to restore them. The wrong process can drastically decrease the value of your watch, so it pays to understand and know the correct processes that go into restoring these timepieces.

This guide looks at the spec regarding vintage watch restoration, whilst preserving the historical integrity and value of the piece.

movements inside antique watches.

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Insurance: how to protect your valuable watches

Making sure your valuables are insured is essential to any watch lover, from those who enjoy a classic wrist watch to half hunter watches too. Your everyday items, such as lesser valuable watches will probably be covered by standard homeowner’s insurance, assuming you carry such insurance. However, if you have valuable or very sentimental pieces, the coverage may be lacking.

So how can you tell whether your coverage is adequate? Take a look at the following steps which can help you reach the soundest decision.

pieces of time antique pocket watches

Image: Jeffrey Smith under creative commons.

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