Terms And Conditions

1.     These conditions govern all contracts made by Pieces of Time (hereinafter called "The Vendor").

2.     Any disputes arising out of the sale of any items referred to in the catalogues of the Vendor shall be governed by English Law.

3.     All orders are accepted on the basis that payment is made prior to the delivery of the item by the Vendor.

4.     The Vendor reserves the right to amend listed or quoted prices and specifications without notice and may also at any time withdraw any of the items without any prior notice having to be given to the customer.

5.     In the event of any of the items being found to be damaged on receipt by the customer, the customer shall be obliged to notify the Vendor in writing within seven days of delivery and shall immediately return the goods to the Vendor for their replacement, repair or for a refund of the price at the discretion of the Vendor.

6.     Any time or date named by the Vendor for the delivery is given and intended as an estimate only based upon conditions prevailing at the time the order is accepted and time shall not be of the essence. The Vendor shall use its best endeavours to supply the goods in accordance with the estimate but it shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly out of any delay in delivery.

7.     All statements relating to any items sold by the Vendor are statements of opinion and are not nor are they to be relied upon as statements of representation, or fact. Illustrations are solely for the guidance of intending purchasers and are not to be relied upon in terms of tone or colour or necessarily to reveal imperfections in any items. Intending customers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all such matters, as to the physical description of any items and as to whether or not any item has been repaired.

8.     The terms: watch, clock, timepiece, chronometer, chronograph; shall at no time be taken to describe the function of any article offered for sale

9.     Notwithstanding any other terms of these conditions if within 14 days after the sale the Vendor has received from the customer notice in writing that in his view the item purchased is a deliberate forgery and within 21 days after such notification the customer returns the same to the Vendor in the same condition as at the time of sale and by producing evidence (the burden of proof to be upon the customer) satisfies the Vendor that considered in the light of the description the item is a deliberate forgery then the sale of the item will be rescinded and the purchase price of the same refunded.

10. The Vendor shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any loss or damage or injury of whatsoever nature or for any consequence of any such loss injury or damage arising out of, or resulting from any cause whatsoever beyond the Vendor's reasonable control.

11. Any purported variation of these conditions shall only be valid if evidence in writing under the hand of a duly authorised signatory of the Vendor.

12. Any disputed arising out of the sale of any items shall be governed by English Law.