Unusual English Gold and Enamel Chatelaine


Signed   Wm Post  - London Bridge 1780
Circa   1780
Diameter   44 mm         

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A late 18th Century English verge in a gold and enamel case with rock crystal glass and matching chatelaine.  Full plate fire gilt movement, round pillars with securing affixes.  Pierced and engraved silver cock, gilt pierced and engraved plate. Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  Blue steel regulator disc visible on the front of the movement in the engraved gilt border.  Winding and regulated through the white enamel dial, Roman numerals, gold beetle and poker hands.  Unusual rock crystal cover to the dial, the central area gently domed to allow the dial to be seen clearly and faceted around the edge.  Gold bezels, pendant and bow.  Gold back, the centre of translucent dark blue enamel over an engine turned ground.  Border of light blue and white triangles.  Gold and enamel chatelaine, the gilt clip with applied oval panel matching the watch supporting three chains to the octagonal central cartouche.  Two gold and enamel tassels, gold and enamel key and seal set with an oval white stone engraved with a lighted torch and the motto "A la Verite".

William Post, London Bridge, Livery of the Clockmakers Company 1766.  The way the movement is fitted to the case is possibly unique.  The pillars of the movement are made with lugs which locate it to the case and two are secured by screws.  The mechanism is left partially visible in the gap that is left.  To enable the watch to be regulated the disc has been placed on the front of the watch, a small section shows at the edge of the dial.  A shaft runs through the mainspring barrel arbor to adjust the rack.  It is perhaps fixed in this way for the faceted rock crystal to be more effective.  It is undoubtedly how the watch was originally constructed as there are no signs on the case or movement of a hinge or any other fixing.  In excellent overall condition.