Repeating Gold and Bloodstone Etui


Signed   Jno Pyke    London
Circa   1750
Dimensions   150 x 50 x 31 mm         

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A fine and rare mid 18th Century gold mounted bloodstone etui set with a quarter repeating verge.  Full plate fire gilt movement, pierced and engraved cock, silver regulator disc. Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  Push pendant quarter repeating a bell.  Winding through the white enamel dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, blue steel beetle and poker hands.  Fine 22 carat gold etui, the chased and engraved repousse frame set with polished bloodstone panels.  The lower half  housing a pair of gold handled scissors, scraper, pencil, spoon and combination file with tweezers.  The upper half contains the watch, the movement hinging from the etui.  The chased and engraved repousse work pierced to allow the bell to sound clearly, gold repeating push pendant and bow.

An impressive piece in excellent overall condition.  Probably made for the Chinese market, similar pieces were made by James Cox.   The watch appears to have been supplied to the box maker as an almost complete inner in order to mount the bell correctly.  The watch case has been pierced out in a design similar to repeating watches of the period but left plain, without any decorative engraving.