Kew "A" Two Day Marine Chronometer


Signed   Sharman D Neill Ltd   - Donegall Place Belfast
Circa   1915
Diameter [dial]   104 mm         

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A 20th Century Irish two day marine chronometer.  Full plate spotted keywind fusee movement, four turned pillars secured by blue steel screws.  Harrison’s maintaining power with steel click and blue steel spring.  Blue steel barrel ratchet wheel and double toothed click on the spotted barrel bridge.  Spotted cock with diamond endstone in a blue steel setting.  Two arm compensation balance with two circular weights, Poole’s auxiliary middle-error temperature compensation, large timing nuts, freesprung palladium helical hairspring.  Earnshaw spring detent escapement, escape pivots with endstones.  The movement secured to the gilt dial plate by three brass screws.  Engraved signed and numbered silvered brass dial marked in red “Auxiliary Compensation – Kew A”.   Subsidiaries for seconds and power reserve indication, Roman numerals, blue steel hands.  Numbered turned brass bowl, sprung rotating shutter to the winding hole, screw brass bezel with flat glass.  Brass gimbals and locking mechanism, brass ratchet key.  Three tier mahogany box, brass straps and corners, hinged flush brass handles. Signed and numbered circular plaque.

Sharman D Neill are still trading as jewellers in Belfast.