English Gold and Enamel Repeater


Signed   Allam & Clements   London
Hallmarked London   1779
Diameter   47 mm       Depth   12 mm

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An 18th Century English quarter repeater in a fine gold and enamel consular case.  Full plate fire gilt movement, gilt dust cover pierced to reveal the regulator and table of the cock.  Decorative pierced and engraved cock, diamond endstone in a blue steel setting.  Pierced and engraved plate for the silver regulator disc.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates.  Plain three arm steel balance, blue steel spiral hairspring.  Polished steel cylinder, large brass escape wheel, banking pin in the lower plug of the cylinder.  Push pendant quarter repeating on two blocks in the case.  Winding through the fine white enamel dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, gold beetle and poker hands.   Fine gold and enamel consular case with gold push pendant and bow, large diamond set case button, maker’s mark "IM".  The restored back with a very finely painted en grisaille scene of two Greek sibyls in a garden scene.  Border of white enamel and dark translucent blue champleve enamel on an engraved ground.

A fine English enamel repeating watch.  Similar in many respects to a watch in our previous catalogue with enamel by the celebrated George Michael Moser.  The en grisaille scenes are very similar and the quality of this one is comparable.