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Nickle Cylinder with Automated Erotic Scene

Price : £2,700.00
Circa 1890
Diameter   56 mm         

A late 19th Century Swiss cylinder in a nickle open face case containing a rare automated erotic scene.  Keyless gilt bar movement with going barrel. Plain cock with polished steel regulator, plain gilt balance with spiral hairspring. Polished steel cylinder, steel escape wheel.  White enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, Roman and Arabic numerals, blue steel hands. Plain nickle open face case.  The cuvette has a false cover which opens to reveal an erotic boudoir scene on an engraved plate.  The parcel gilt figures engaged in an amorous encounter briefly spring to life when the cover is opened.  The mechanism driving the figures is wound again when the cover is closed, ready to spring into action the next time it is opened.

Anonymous       Swiss

A rare form of this type of erotic automaton.  The more usual type is actuated by the repeating train of the movement.  In this watch the automaton is self contained, its train being used only for the figures.