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Silver Swiss Quarter Repeating Duplex Pocket Watch

Price : £1,950.00
Circa 1820
Diameter   58 mm         

An early 19th Century Swiss quarter repeating duplex in a silver open face case.  Keywind gilt Lepine calibre movement with suspended going barrel.  Plain cock with blue steel regulator.  Plain three arm gilt balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Duplex escapement.  Push pendant quarter repeating on two steel gongs.  Fine engine turned silver dial with subsidiary seconds, Roman numerals, blue steel hands.  Plain silver open face case, silver push pendant and bow.  wound and set through the sprung gilt cuvette inscribed "Echappement a Duplex Garni en Pierre - Huit Trous en Rubis Fin".

Anonymous       Swiss

It is very unusual to find a continental repeater with a duplex escapement.  The cylinder escapement was almost universally used at this time