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Rare Debaufre by Earnshaw

Price : £4,000.00
Hallmarked London 1837
Diameter   54 mm       Depth   13 mm

A rare 19th Century English Debaufre escapement watch by Thomas Earnshaw in a silver open face case.  Full plate gilt keywind fusee movement with gilt dust cover.  Engraved bell shaped cock with garnet endstone, blue steel regulator.  Plain three arm polished steel balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Debaufre escapement employing two polished steel escape wheels acting alternately on a single steel roller.  Off white enamel dial with Roman numerals, blue steel seconds hand, hands.  Plain silver open face case, maker's mark "ID".

Signed       Thos Earnshaw    London

A rare escapement, also known as a chaffcutter, Ormskirk  or club footed verge.  It was the first frictional rest escapement invented by Debaufre in 1704.  Rarely used until it was taken up by Lancashire makers early in the 19th Century.  See Chamberlain's "Its About Time" page 123 for a description of a similar escapement.  This is an unusually late example.  Thomas Earnshaw, 1825 - 50, son of the eminent chronometer maker of the same name.