Product Detail

Early Silver Quarter Repeater

Price : £6,250.00
Circa 1700
Diameter   57 mm       Depth   19mm

A late 17th Century English quarter repeating verge by Fromanteel and Clarke in silver pair cases.  Deep full plate fire gilt movement with engraved gilt dust ring enclosing five turned baluster pillars.  Fusee and chain with worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. Pierced and engraved winged cock with pierced and engraved foot, pierced and engraved plate for the silver regulator disc.  Plain three arm steel balance.  Push pendant quarter repeating on a bell in the case.  Later white enamel dial with arcaded minute ring, Roman and Arabic numerals, pieced gilt hands.  Pierced and engraved silver pair cases, silver push pendant.

Signed       Fromanteel & Clarke

The partnership of Ahasuerus II. Fromanteel and Christopher Clarke was formed in the late 17th Century. Ahasuerus was a member of the renown Fromanteel family who worked in London and collaborated with Huygens to make the first pendulum clocks. Christopher Clarke later married Ahasuerus� daughter and continued in partnership with Abraham Fromanteel after the death of Ahasuerus in 1703. Many of their watches did not bear a place name, perhaps due to them having connections with Newcastle and Amsterdam in addition to London.